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BB Glow  Facial


About BB Glow Facial

BB glow is a complex treatment that improves the texture, quality and tone of the face. It’s a fusion between the microneedling/nanoneedling facial that creates a semi permanent makeup effect. Incorporating high quality serum ampules such as Salmon DNA with gold flakes. We have a range of serum ampules to target all skill concerns, followed with the mineral pigment ampule for clear skin effects.

bb glow photo.jpg

Through the high potent serum ampoules along with the true foundation mineral ampules this amazing treatment will assists in correcting discoloration (redness, age spots, dark undereye circles, freckles) acne scars Fine lines and wrinkles large pores dull, dehydrated skin.

The foundation ampoule is punctured into the superficial layer of your skin to give you that BB cream effect

We recommend 6 sessions for the full results to last up to 6 months

bb glow photo.jpg
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